“Discover The ONLY Sales System That’ll Allow You To Land Clients With Ease, Make Price A Non-Issue… And Render Your Competition Irrelevant!”

This One-Of-A-Kind Client Conversion System Will Show You How To Make Selling Easier And More Enjoyable Than You Ever Thought Possible…And Allow You To Completely Avoid Sleazy, Manipulative Hard-Selling FOREVER!

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From: Ryan Ketchum

Re: How to NEVER struggle selling again!

In this very short message, I’m going to let you in on the most effective and enjoyable Fitness Sales System available today…and show you how turning prospects into paying clients can be easier than you ever thought possible.

This is the ‘New and Improved’ version of the Sales System that I’ve personally used to sell over 2 Million Dollars in Personal Training and that our first training business used to grow to over 420 clients in just 18 months in a small town in Kentucky.

This is also the same exact System that gyms like Force Fitness in Bloomington, Indiana have used to add hundreds of clients each and every year, regardless of the economy, competition or who is actually doing the selling.

And the best part…it doesn’t require any unique talent or even a passion for ‘traditional’ selling.

No…this System has been used effectively by everyone from stay-at-home moms that were just breaking into the fitness industry to seasoned trainers that have struggled with every other approach to selling that they tried…and it’s worked for ALL of them.

You can easily double or triple your conversion percentage almost instantly by plugging in this proven System no matter how selling has gone for you in the past.

“But I Hate Selling…”

If I’ve heard that once from a fitness professional, I’ve heard it a thousand times.

But in reality, I think that the truth is that you hate…

  • Being rejected when you know that you can truly help someone.
  • Feeling like the proverbial ‘used car salesman’ or health club salesperson.
  • Being in a situation that feels adversarial with someone that you think would be a great client.
  • The discomfort with asking for money when you know that the investment the prospect would be making could be the most important one they could ever make.

Basically, you hate what selling has felt like to you in the past.

In fact, Adam Farrell felt this way about selling until he started using this system, but read what he has to say now…


A 620% Increase In Sales In
The First Month!

Like many fitness professionals, I looked at selling as tricking people into buying things they didn’t want and that the only trainers who focused on it were the ones who cared more about money that about helping people.

The Ultimate Fitness Sales System approach completely changed my mindset regarding selling. I now see selling our fitness programs as a must if I want to help more people reach their goals. Ultimately, my goal is to help as many people as I can look, move and feel great. Without making a sale and getting their commitment I am probably sending them to trainers with less experience or worse to have them figure it out for themselves.

With my previous mindset and approach to sales the most I’d ever sold in a month (that I even bothered to track) was $6000. In my first month, October 2013, using this system I sold over $31,000! I’ll never go back!

adam farrell 2

Adam Farrell
Owner – Pinnacle Performance & Fitness
Corpus Christi, TX


“The Ultimate Fitness Sales System has completely changed the way I look at and handle sales! Instead of being worried about overcoming objections, wondering if I was going to get a new client and being afraid of helping the person in front of me find the best solution for them I am cool, calm and collected when going into a Success Session knowing I have all the tools and skills to close the sale. These sales scripts work! I don’t have to worry about ‘hard selling’ clients any more, now I work to build a relationship with them and it makes selling easy!

This system has allowed me to transform the way I feel about sales! I went from wondering if my leads and prospects had enough money to afford my training and feeling guilty about asking for money to being confident that my services are the best fit for them and helping the find the best solution to reach their goals. I went from being afraid of sales to seeing it as my way to help more people get in great shape.

Thanks to FCG and the Ultimate Fitness Sales System I have the ability to add THOUSANDS of dollars per month to my bottom line without doing any more work! Before I was losing money because I wasn’t helping the people in front of me see the value in what I offered but now I am able to help more people and leverage my time better because of the skills I learned in the Ultimate Fitness Sales System.”

Leks Stanic

Leks Stanic
Owner – Consistently Persistent FitBody
Franklin, TN


We offer a fantastic fitness experience and our clients get results. We get plenty of leads and do a great job with clients once we have them started.

The problem? About 25% of the potential clients who walk out of my (and YOUR) facility after their “day 1 experience” don’t come back! I think we owe it to the people who come to us for help to get them started asap. I simply always felt as though I was coming across like a used car salesman when I tried to close new clients on day one. I needed help! I told Ryan and Pat “the single reason I’m here is to close more day 1 sales without coming across like a jerk!”

I not only got what I came for, I got a refresher course on follow-up and client service! The result? In the first week after I got back, I went 8 for 10 on first day closing and sold 10 new clients total! And THAT was the week before Christmas! I added over $10,000 in sales in the first 10 days after I returned from the Sales Training Intensive! We did over $20,000 in total revenue for only the second month in the last 12 and are well on our way to a $25,000 month this month.

How good is this program? When the next one is held, you’ll have to get in line behind me to register! Thanks Ryan, Pat and Jarrod!

Phil Hueston 2

Phil Hueston, NASM-PES; IYCA-YFS
All-Star Sports Academy
Toms River, NJ


So as you keep reading every single word of this message, think to yourself:

“How Can I Generate The Income And The Number Of
Clients I Want While Making The Sales Process A True
WIN / WIN For Myself And The Prospect?”

You see, most people that teach selling or have a background in ‘Old School’ Sales think that selling is a competition with a winner and a loser.

But in reality, that’s moronic.

Do you really want to begin a relationship with a new client with them feeling like you are adversaries and they ‘lost’ the battle?

Of course not.

The whole point of someone becoming a client is that you are going to be working with them to achieve their goals.

That’s why the whole hard closing approach to selling that hinges on manipulation and sleazy persuasion tactics has likely never sat well with you.

It goes against everything else that you do. It’s not who you are.

That Antiquated Way Of Selling Is The Surefire Way To Suck At Selling And Hate Every Minute Of It!

But there’s a better way. It includes what I call the “5 Steps To Selling,” the simple formula that will not only multiply your income, BUT also dramatically alter your experience of selling in a very enjoyable way.

And that includes:

  • How to immediately get the prospect to shift away from ‘price thinking’ and focus on ‘benefit thinking.’
  • How to get your prospects to say they need your help—without resistance or objection.
  • How to NEVER get lumped in with low price competitors again.
  • Understanding what selling is REALLY about – and it’s NOT what you think.

Now is the time to change your attitude about ‘closing’ and stop trying to ‘close’, and start simply engaging prospects and solving their problems.

It’s not complicated. You just have to know the exact steps you have to take so selling training actually becomes easy.

Because this has become such a challenge so many fitness professionals…to the point that they either hate selling or avoid actual selling all together, we’ve decided to share the industry’s most effective Selling System for fitness professionals in a format that is instantly ready to you to implement and benefit from:

The Ultimate Fitness Sales System

We have never “connected the dots” exactly like this before for someone to immediately put this unmatched Sales System into action.

Ryan Ketchum (who not only has been a student and practitioner of this System, but has enhanced it and made it even more effective and easier to use) and I detail everything you need to know about selling including our Revolutionary 5 Step Sales Process. In fact, Ryan’s business in Bloomington, Indiana has used this system to grow to over 400 clients in a town with only about 37,000 people that aren’t college students.

If this System can be used to grow two different businesses to over 400 clients in towns of less than 40,000 people… what can it do for you?

In the Ultimate Fitness Sales System you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome any personal obstacles or beliefs that have held you back from having the success in converting new clients that you deserve.
  • The secret to selling at substantially higher prices than competitors…and still avoiding any price resistance from your prospects.
  • The REAL reason why prospects make a price decision…and how you can avoid it 95% of the time!
  • Our Multi-Million Dollar Proven 5 Step Sales System that will make selling easier and more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.
  • How to avoid the three most common mistakes fitness pros make when selling…this alone will double your effectiveness.

Once you’ve discover this easy to use System, not only will convert more sales and be able to raise your prices…but selling will actually become a natural piece of what you do to get clients results.

With The Ultimate Fitness Sales System you will be gaining access to the fastest path to more clients, more profits and more freedom available to a fitness professional today.

Just imagine getting results like this:

Over $30,000 in Sales In The First 22 Days
Using This System!

In the past I’d relied on Deal of the Day offers to generate any growth for my business, but after learning this selling system from Pat & Ryan my business has completely transformed.

Prior to using this system I’d averaged about $10,600 per month for the year. During my first 22 days I sold over $30,000 in training and through what has traditionally been the slowest month of the year for us, December, I’ve continued to average over $1375 per day in sales.

This system has truly been a Game Changer for our business!

Walt Fleitz
Owner, Body Evolution

Think about it for a moment…by simply applying this easy to use Sales System you can potentially double or even triple the number of prospects you convert into clients without ever generating a single additional lead.

Where else can you get that kind of leverage?

What Do You Receive In The Ultimate Fitness Sales System?

Let me take just a few seconds and go over everything that is included in the Ultimate Fitness Sales System. This comprehensive sales success system includes:

First we start with two key Foundational Modules to set the stage for successful selling…

  • Foundational Module: Solution Selling – In Solution Selling you’ll learn the foundation of effective, enjoyable sales…the ability to customize your solution to your prospect’s needs and be the undisputed #1 option for them.
  • Foundational Module: Your Sales Roadblocks – Virtually every fitness professional has something internal holding them back from maximizing their sales success. We remove those obstacles so that the sales process is smooth and seamless.

Then we transition into the only Sales System you will ever need:

  • UFSS Phase One: Engagement – There is no more underappreciated piece of the sales process, but if you get it right it will grease the skids for everything that comes after it while predisposing your prospect to wanting to become your client.
  • UFSS Phase Two: Discovery – In this Phase you’ll systematically determine your prospects needs…and more importantly, their wants – those critical hot buttons that turn them into paying clients.
  • UFSS Phase Three: Value Building – Not 1 in 100 trainers get this Phase right and settle for selling on price, but by using this simple approach you’ll nail it every time and get your prospects to see that you are the ONLY solution for them.
  • UFSS Phase Four: Solution – Phase Four is where your prospects will become clients, but without any aggressive closing techniques or haggling…instead, with the Ultimate Fitness Sales System it’s a simple, natural progression where they’re eager to buy.
  • UFSS Phase Five: Optimization – Ignore this Phase and risk losing out on tons of money and an incredible opportunity to cement your new client relationship.

Plus, we’ve included 12 Different Individual Sales Maximizer Modules. These Modules will give you everything you need to know to maximize your sales:

  • Using Fast Action Offers – Use these to get clients to commit on the spot.
  • Getting an Affirmation – You’ll learn how to almost instantly ‘connect’ with your prospect and have them feeling like they’re already a client.
  • Addressing Objections – you’ll discover the truth about objections and how you can eliminate them 98% of the time.
  • Profiting From Upsells – Follow this simple approach and watch your transaction value jump by at least 20%.
  • Maximizing Back End Offers – Most fitness pros fail to maximize the value of their client relationship, but with this easy to implement approach you’ll be able to get the most from yours.
  • Referral Requests – Clients are never more likely to refer than immediate after coming on board. Use this simple system to create a flood of highly qualified leads for your business.
  • Multiple Program Options – If you offer more than one type of program (1 on 1 training, semi-private, group or bootcamp), this module will show you exactly how to sell them all.
  • Selling Through Short-Term Programs – If you run Transformation Contests, 14 Day Trials, 21 Day Programs or any other short-term program, this module will teach you exactly how to maximize your conversions during it.
  • Pricing – You’ll discover how to price your programs for maximum margins and profits…and do it while actually improving your closing percentage.
  • Positioning – The secret weapon that will allow you to instantly start attracting your ideal prospects and selling at premium prices.
  • Tracking – Staying on top of these 5 simple numbers will not only help you stay on top of your business, but it will actually also allow you to have a laser focus on where you can see improvements the most rapidly.
  • Goal Setting – With no target to shoot for you’re cutting your success in half, so in this Module we’ll teach you exactly how to set realistic but motivating sales goals.

In addition to all that, we’ve also included the Sales Presentation Video Library.

You get video examples of EVERY sales presentation you’ll ever need to build a multiple six or even seven figure fitness business.

All you need to do is model the presentation you want to use and you’re ready to start closing sales.

These videos will guide you every step of the way, so you never need to struggle again.

Just check out the 7 Example Presentations you will have at your disposal:

  • Example One-On-One Sales Presentation
  • Example Semi-Private Sales Presentation
  • Example Bootcamp or Group Sales Presentation
  • Example Referral Request Presentation
  • Example Up Sell At The Point Of Sale Presentation
  • Example Back End Sale Presentation
  • Example Fast-Action Offer Presentation

All you need to do is practice the presentation you plan to use a few times and you’re ready to start closing more sales!

PLUS, When You Order Today, You Will Also Receive These FREE Bonus Gifts

Bonus Number One: The Fitness Sales Toolbox:

You’ll receive all the scripts and tools you need to execute the Ultimate Fitness Sales System.

Here are the tools you’ll receive:

Ready To Use Sales Scripts:

  • One-On-One Sales Script
  • Semi-Private Sales Script
  • Group / Team Training Sales Script
  • Group Close Sales Script
  • Referral Request Script
  • Up Sell At The Point Of Sale Script
  • Back End Sale Script
  • Down Sell Script

Ready To Use Sales Tools:

  • UFSS Prospect Questionnaire
  • UFSS Example Personal Training Agreement
  • UFSS Program Presentation Sheet
  • UFSS Sales Tracking Sheet
  • UFSS Fast Action Offer Presentation Sheet

Bonus Number Two: Role Play & Coaching:

We recorded sessions of fitness professionals Role Playing with the Ultimate Fitness Sales System and critiqued them and offered the changes they needed to make to dial in their approach. Plus, I personally Role Played through a complete Success Session showing you how I personally use the System.

This Bonus will show you how the System works in the trenches and how quickly you’ll be able to pick it up and start selling.

Get these bonuses now with The Ultimate Fitness Sales System!

You’ll start closing more sales more often…and developing such a tight bond with your prospect that they wouldn’t DREAM of buying from someone else!

Wouldn’t you agree that gaining access to a System like this that will make selling this simple and easy would be well worth $2000, $5,000…even $10,000 or more?

Well, how about just $199.95

That’s right, We’re going to give you our Ultimate Fitness Sales System for less than the value of a single client.

Today Only $199.95

That’s a pretty small investment for a System that can literally transform your business.

You Are GUARANTEED To Be Better At Selling

As with all Fitness Consulting Group products, you have our Iron Clad, 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. If this System is not everything I said it was…we’ll completely refund your investment…no questions asked.

But I’ll even go a step further…

If you put the Ultimate Fitness Sales System to use and you don’t make your money back immediately, just let us know and we will not only refund you the entire cost of the program but we’ll give you $100 just for wasting your time. I know for a fact this system works, because it is the exact system I used to sell over Two Million Dollars in personal training and so many other fitness professionals have used to enjoy incredible success.

So now let me ask you one question: are you within the top 2% of fitness pros when it comes to selling? If you’re reading this message you probably are when it comes to actually training your clients…so are you just as effective when it comes to acquiring them?

If not, then you NEED The Ultimate Fitness Sales System. Because you can’t help someone UNTIL them become your client.

The “bottom 98%” of fitness pros forget this crucial fact.

Understanding this ONE SIMPLE FACT will totally transform your business.

So you can either become great at getting prospects to become clients…

…Or you can remain stuck in mediocrity and “settle” for a mediocre business.

It’s your choice.

Are You Ready?

Yes! I Want To Render My Competition Irrelevant And NEVER Struggle Selling Again! Give Me Instant Access to The Ultimate Fitness Sales System and set me on the path to a MUCH more successful, profitable business!

Ultimate Fitness Sales System

Today Only $199.95


Make Today Your Best,

Ryan Ketchum


P.S. – What’s a new client worth to you? Somewhere around $2000 per year? If this system only gets you 1 new client, you already made $1900. (I know the UFSS system will generate more than 1 client, I just wanted to put it in perspective).

P.P.S. – Remember, We guarantee you’ll see amazing changes in the way you sell. If for even a single minute you don’t think the Ultimate Fitness Sales System isn’t a game changer for you, you can get our 365 Guaranteed 100% Refund. No hassles, and no questions asked. So you simply cannot make a mistake here!

P.P.P.S. – If you’re looking to make your business better, there is simply nothing else you can do that will have such a profound impact on your success.

Being better at selling means getting more of the ‘right’ prospects to become clients and finally being able to get away from chasing anyone and everyone just to pay the bills.

It means that you need fewer leads to reach your business goals.

Being better at selling makes EVERYTHING else easier.

Don’t wait another second, get the Ultimate Fitness Sales System today!

Ultimate Fitness Sales System

Today Only $199.95